Kendamu is a martial artist and Dragon Ball fan who also enjoys meditation, fitness training, and good food with friends. They share their passions on various social media platforms and have a photo album documenting their hobbies and active lifestyle.


Kendamu's photo album provides a glimpse into their dynamic and active lifestyle and showcasing their passion for martial arts, fitness, Dragon Ball, and more.


Kendamu is a multifaceted individual who embodies the true spirit of a martial artist. Not only do they possess a strong passion for practicing their craft, but they are also an avid fan of the popular anime, Dragon Ball. Beyond their love for martial arts, Kendamu also enjoys meditation, finding peace and clarity through stillness and mindfulness. To complement their active lifestyle, Kendamu places great importance on fitness training, regularly hitting the gym to stay in top physical form. When not engaging in these activities, Kendamu can be found indulging in good food and good company, surrounded by friends and loved ones.


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